The Green Smoothie Challenge


Add ONE thing to your day to beat the bloat, increase your energy & ditch sugar cravings.

What if you could add ONE THING to your day to:

  • increase your energy
  • improve your bowels
  • help ditch the foggy tired brain
  • boost your skin
  • help support your hormones
  • help balance your body composition
  • support your gut health.

If you want to see some BIG results with LESS EFFORT – the Green Smoothie Challenge is for you.

What is the Green Smoothie Challenge?

A 10-day online challenge that gives you MASSIVE results by simply adding one green smoothie to your day. No faff or hours spent in the kitchen – guaranteed.
It is the simplest & quickest way to double your energy, beat the bloat, love your belly and feel a little bit awesome!
Simple step-by-step guide to making delicious, dessert-like & seasonal smoothies (and juices and nut milks to boot!)
It’s 100% natural, whole food goodness with. Just good honest food in under 2 minutes flat!

After 10 days you might find:

  • You feel more energised.
  • You’re fuller for longer and snack less.
  • You shed between 2-10 pounds (if needed).
  • That you start the day with a natural boost.
  • That your skin and hair look WAY better.
  • Your family, kids, and colleagues get intrigued and start enjoying green smoothies too.
  • You actually crave healthy foods more.
  • A reduction in sugar cravings.
  • You’re less bloated.
  • That you have more energy in the afternoon.

This is a SIMPLE challenge. A SIMPLE habit where you focus on ADDING in more whole foods so that you see some big results without overwhelm or faff.

What’s included in the challenge:

  • Over 25+ green smoothie recipes in companion eBook (so that you never have to endure pond water tasting smoothies!)
  • Recipes for smoothies like Chocolate Super Shake, Cherry Bakewell, Carrot Cake and MORE!
  • A complete guide to making fresh juice too and why they can be beneficial.
  • You wake up to a new email from me every day for ten days with a new recipe and simple tips to get you GLOWING!
  • A 10 Day Shopping list sent to you for the full 10 days, saving you time and £££!
  • A 7 Day Cleanse with a workbook and 7 Day Green Goddess Meal Plan for when you want to go deeper.
  • Daily resources and support to help you get the most out of the challenge.