Beat the Sweet: Sugar Detox & Recipe Collection


Ditch the sugar cravings and get your energy & belly back in 21 days!

If you’re stuck feeling crappy, bloated and with energy that feels like it’s constantly plummeting then sugar could be the issue.

But my guess is that you already know that right?

Maybe you have heard the impact that refined sugar can have on our immune system, weight, energy, gut microbiome and immune system but you feel like living a sugar-free life would just be impossible!

You know your gut is in need of some attention, your energy SUCKS and suspect that your extra weight you’re carrying is due to your sweet tooth. Those daily sugar cravings. Those weekly sugar binges which you always ‘promise’ yourself will be the ‘last one’….

You’ve tried to ditch it before but end up STUCK and feeling like a flabby failure.

So let’s put an end to this vicious cycle. You deserve to FEEL GOOD and sugar cravings don’t have to be the boss of you.

And ditching sugar can be easier than you think….if you know how!

So join me in the Beat the Sweet 21-day Sugar Detox!

Over this 21 day online program you can:

  • See a massive improvement in your energy, skin, hormones, mood, sleep, body composition and strengthen your immune system to boot!

  • Ditch your sugar cravings & create a healthier relationship with food.

  • Support your gut health – whether you need to improve bloating, IBS or yeast issues this challenge is going to help you kick start better gut health.

  • Have incredible energy & no more ‘hangry’ feelings.

What is included?

  • Beat the Sweet eGuide with 25+ recipes and everything you need to ditch sugar for good.

  • The Sweet Treat Collection Recipe Ebook – with over 20 delicious low-sugar or sugar-free recipes so that you can have your cake and eat it! (Over 45 sugar free recipes included)

  • x3 Weekly snack recipes and shopping list PLUS optional meal plans each week to save you time.

  • a 21-day email course with Weekly emails, coaching videos, recipes & TONS more.

  • A new healthy habit that lasts for life!